I guess the days of old are long gone and far away for this late 70's /80's baby. I flip through the channels these days and there are hardly any decent kid shows like I remember growing up to back in the day. My daughter turns it to Disney Channel and there are Sharpei, Icarly, Wizards of Waverly Place and reruns of Hannah Montanah. I cant even believe I just remember those few. There are at least 7-70 more shows that air throughout the day on this channel and although I believe each show conveys a positive message, I feel its just sitcom overboard and saturated.

There is a little girl that I like on a show called A.N. T Farm that I enjoy to watch with my children. It stars China Anne Mc Clain ( House of Payne, Daddy's little girls). as middle-schoolers in a gifted program at their local high school called their "Advanced Natural Talents" program or A.N.T. That show is kind of cool.

Shhhhhh......dont tell nobody but I really miss watching "Thats So Raven" LOL. I will always be a RS fan, thats lil Olivia but when I say that my children stare at me sideways

My afterschool programs were:
Cosby Show
Punky Brewster
Silver Spoons
Facts of Life
Charles in Charge
Saved By the Bell
Beverly Hills 90210
Whats Happening
Sister Sister
Family Matters

I noticed that all though a lot of these shows ( I know I forgot a whole catalog of them) are in heavy rotation with reruns. The thing is, my children cant get in to them because they recognize them as old shows with nothing current going on. I am glued and alot of the episiodes I even remember like they were played yesterday.  The other night I was watching and old episode of Sanford and Son and my children sat there bored and unenthused with crossed arms. I got so annoyed I made them go clean their rooms..LOL. I dont understand it, but I guess we did the same to our parents. *shrug*

What were your favorite shows growing up?


mirsmommy said...

All the shows that you named, plus, Thundercats, Transformers, He-Man, Speed Racer, Smurfs, Fraggle Rock, Maya the Bee, Clarissa Explains it All, etc. I could go on for days. LOL

Cha Cha iz CaliSunKissed said...

lol i Remeber Clarissa ..awwww

UniqueComplexity said...

Doug,Power Rangers,Are You Afraid of The Dark, Sista Sista.....