The Hoodrat Chronicles

Its that time AGAIN!... What time is it?... Its time for all the sweet and loving Horses in the world to provide as much hair as possible for the ANNUAL HAIR WARS November 6, in Los Angeles California. Im sure just as the others, this will be a convention of hoodrats around the world that are excited to get their 15 minutes of fame on stage while debuting their most wackiest, creative, unimaginable styles........
Glad I got my ticket! Im all in ...*wink Click HERE if you need more information.



Not that Lauren, Rohan, Tito, LeToya, Chico Debarge, the trashman or anyone else gives a damn about what I think or anyone elses opinion of LH, the truth is, this shyt is down right entertaining but for all of the wrong reasons.

A Party In Your Mouth

Spicy Creamy Corn

This is sure to be a hit for your next Summer BBQ, Potluck or Labor Day Picnic. Its very good and actually very quick to prepare.

When Hoodrats attack

Meeka Slapxton VS. 

So news surfaced last week that the sweatbox otherwise known as Meeka Claxton was filing suit against public service recipient Tami Roman for assault Click HERE if you missed it. Although this occured in the real the world (hahaha) weeks ago  the rest of the world had to wait to watch it on last nights episode. Now dont get me wrong, I fux with Tami because she's like the underdog. All the other chicks are scared of her but she is the type that when you cool with her...its cool...BUT just dont get on her bad side. In my opinion though... the only two people that should've been fighting, should have been Meeka going up side Suzies punk azz head (wonders if she says her name with a lisps). Suzie is a straight coward. I am mad at Tami though because she could have been a bigger person and just left well enough alone. If Im not mistaken, she did say "fakes and phonies" vs. "popular girls" but even if she did... who was gon check her! (NOBODY) Although I think that Tami slappin the breaks off of Meeka was uncalled for...Im quite sure, aint nobody else gonna be saying to much sideways to Tami in the near future. Annnnnnd, for the record, I still think that Evelyn is mad at Jennifer and I dont see their relationship ever  being the same, over dinner they barely even gave each other eye contact. 


Awwww... I feel like the fourth non member of Dirty Money. Like, Im in the group, but you never see me sometimes and sometimes there are so many features that I get zeroed out but I still get that Dirty Money paycheck for honorable mention and shyt..LOL. No Im not Cassie (smh-ya'll silly)

I didnt realize how much I misse blogging until now. I am COMING HOME...COMING HOME...TELL THE WORLD IM COMING HOME. I have been surfing trying to reunite with my old blog fam and there is soooooooooo many more urban bloggers today than there were EVER.

I truly miss the interactions with each blogger on a daily. Work had me bound a few years and then I got sucked back in to being  a regular on as Cha Cha. Then there is facebook. However, there is nothing like BLOGGING..Nothing!

Well Im out...gotta go make my rounds.. Hello.....Good Morning!


On Saturday I was in  WalMart(the zoo) and I was purchasing a couple of things for our companies annual picnic. Since it was Saturday I already knew what I was getting myself in to by even going in that damn chaotic place of a store..HMPH! I went in hard, and told myself to stick to the script. Lines were crazy per usual but my hubby and I did the two line game where whoevers moves first we will slide over to that line.
Anyhow, when I get to the counter and as Im putting my shyt on there, some non english speaking elderly comes out of the woodworks with like three items in her hand ( boxers, danish, and dishwashing liquid) and motions to go before me. The thing is, by the time I figured out why she was igging me and thrusting her items at me, the cashier had already started ringing me up.
I was like "Oh you wanted to go before me"
"yes ..yes... yes"
Im like "Oh Im sorry, she has already started ringing me up" you know this heffah proceeded to try to put her shyt in with mine and hand me her money.
I was like
"No, what are you doing" and she kept insisting.
I was about to drop kick her azz, but I mean she was old and little and that would've been foul on my part.
So I guess, since I didnt oblige or take her money, she got frustrated with me grab her things and went to the front of the line of the next patron. I sat there and watched shaking my head as this man tried to communicate the same as I did but you could also tell he was confused azz hail. I tell you what, if she would've just waited in line like everybody else, her azz would have been gone out the store to do whatever she needed to urgently do with them  damn boxers, danish and dishwashing soap.

The people of WAL MART ... ROFLMAO! 


Amy Jade Winehouse (14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011

WHY MUST I CRY...........

SMH: Lemme find out she still stripping her way through College at 45! 

WHO MADE THE.... Wait....What the fluck is that?

Potlucks are fun right? I know for myself, I love a good potluck. We have them at work all the time. Potlucks are fun, but they can also be kinda tricky. Have you ever been to a poluck and perused the food like, I wanna try that...and that.... and bleh..the hell is that?  Its always interesting to see what people claim to be there "best" or "award winning". The tricky thing about potlucks though are who brough what and who should've skipped the sign up list altogether?

Lets think about it! Are you more incline to get a nice helping of your girlfriend/coworker whose house you have been over plenty of times for dinner and you have sat in the kitchen with her while she chopped, sliced, diced and slaved over a hot stove for you not to mention her cleanliness and tidiness along the way. (regular ol Rachel Ray). Or, would you pile on a nice helping of a dish from your co-worker that is a really nice person, a soccer mom, the one thats first to volunteer for all of the charity events outside the office, but she doesnt wash her hands when she exits the restroom. What about that one co-worker who lives alone with his dog Sparky and always signs up to bring the casserole. Sparky, sleeps with him, eats with him, and ahem, bathes with him. Finally you got the one co-worker, possibly yourself who doesnt have time to fix anything so either pays to have food catered, picks up something from the store, or plain ol rejects the idea and doesnt participate. For that type of behavior though, one might wonder what that says about you as an individual in the interim.

Considering the aforementioned I will say I am the last one. Im the one that will buy something from the local restaurant and throw it in a bowl adding my touch of tin foil..LOL. At least someone else can be responsible for it tasting bland and/or I could be the talk of the office for it being the "best thing I have ever tasted". Although in a sense I am not being forthcoming or some may say a little bit misleading,  but I say why does any of that matter anyway...Isnt it the thought that counts, now eat up...its Kung Pao Chicken...I err..umm made it myself =)

POTLUCK Ettiquette for the office (click here for the source)
  1. Bring what your assigned PERIOD
  2. Make sure cleanliness is a priority
  3. Dont double the recipe, bring enough for each person to try, but dont overdo it whereas you have to take home the leftovers
  4. Dont cheap out and bring a 2 liter of soda when everyone else is bringing homecooked meals. If your gonna bring the 2liter bring, ice and cups too
  5. Put your ingredients on a index card for those who may have allergies
  6. Dont be greedy, its not fair to head back for seconds when only half the room has eaten
  7. Dont take home anyone else's leftovers unless they offer it to you, and clean up yours.
Happy Potlucking .......

Pay my Bills, Pay my autoMOBills.....

Blank stare.........Beyonce dont pay nan one of my bills and Im a thousand % sure she aint payin this po babys bills either. SMH! Stanning just got serious! Poor girl has major self esteem issues because unless your name is Beyonce Knowles.... WHY? I bet the tattoo artist was like "SOoooo..... you want me to do what now ?"    I mean....she could've gotten away with just the icon...but this shyt here nicca . See her other tatts of Beyonce ..Click HERE  I cant even lie to myself though, there was a time I considered getting queen bee tatted on me but then I looked at my gas bill, tried to call Beyonce and then I realized I aint neva had her number..ROFL

I Slapped a Girl and I liked it

Have you ever just wanted to crank your hand up, haul off and slap the shyt out of someone?!!! Of course you have, what kind of no brainer question is that?!?! Yesterday in full bloat (because for some reason Auntie Punkazz wants to visit twice this month) I was on the elevator reading a magazine about babies. On to the elevator is a old bitty and her friend. "Oh how cute is that...that is a Kodak moment" then her friend turns to me and they get all excited. I just stand there fuming, Im quite sure smoke is coming out my ears. "The magazine cover says, baby and more babies and ironically your standing there with you belly poked out" they fall in to more laughter. Then the laughter just ceased and turns in to a confused, shortly thereafter frustrated facef rom the two of them. These dumb azzes are trying to figure out why Im rolling my eyes and rolling up the magazine. "SHUT THE FACK UP SOMETIMES" is what I wanna yell, but I just walk out the elevator, face red and tight.

IM NOT PREGNANT! But the irony is, I want to be. We are trying for baby #3 and I have an appointment for fertility consultation very soon.  Its just really frustrating when people assume things when they dont know you or your life.

Sooooo Im almost sure Im going to run in to those same ladies again because we work on different floors in my building. Next time though, Im going to have on the baddest outfit I can find in my closet... Ima be spanxed the fluck up and Im going to be extra friendly. Im going to turn to the fat one and say "There is a skinny girl in there, I know there is a skinny girl in there just trapped and dying to get out" LOL. Nah..Im not gonna go there, Im a lady.  

Right Back Where I Started From

Its just in me and I cant even explain it but I loooooooooooooooooooove to write. I cant even begin to count how many short stories, blogs, magazines, calendars, screen plays, books, autobiographies, raps, songs ect I have started on and never completed. When Im old and grey I suppose I will pull them all together and make a collection of some sort....HOWEVA... I wont be old for a long time and grey is just not my color nononoooooo!!!!

SO what now. I think Im just going to place my thoughts here and there and see what I come up with. I get bored easily so this may be here today and gone tomorrow. I hope though whatever I decide to share will be a testament to my true life and that in some mysterious way shape or form I can add insight in to someone elses. Im a ray of sunshine and I love people.

I love GOD...I love my CHILDREN...I'm In love with my HUSBAND...I love my FAMILY and I love my  HOME which is California...there is no other place I would rather be..... There is really no place like home.

Come Back again ............Sunkissed and Bloomed