Would you Rather?

While I was chilling over at friends this weekend, we played a little game called "Would you Rather" basically the game consist of two seperate instances/scenarios that you would be willing to do or not do.

Example: Would you rather jump off a 12 ft building knowing you could land on a trampoline or would you rather be stuck on a plane sitting next to a belching man?

Of course we made our own rules, so the object of our game was if the majority said the opposite of what you said, you had to drink a shot. Sounds fun right!
Try it with friends at your next get together... Im sure if you google you can find some questions to actually print out instead of making your own or buying the game.

Heres one for the road:
Would you rather find your soulmate and have all of your friends and family hate him/her OR Would you rather stay single for the rest of your life and have loving friends and family?

From the Editors Desk

I am turning 34 this year on the 6th and I cant wait to do something for once! When I was younger I partied hard from about 17 years to 25. I would throw my own parties complete with catering and strippers. Some folks have me to thank for thier babies being born thanks to taking the stripper home. I remember one time I rented a male stripper and he was so drunk he could barely perform. This fool must've did a technique he envisioned that would have him landing on his leg but instead he did a full on fall to the ground and got up rubbing his azz. Can you say embarrased? I was embarrassed for him, it was so bad and I kid you not that we made him go sleep off the high because he was pretty messed up. We later found out by the other stripper he was with that his girl had just kicked him out so he started drinking early. Needless to say, I aint pay him that $175 he would have normally gotten, instead I sent him on his way after he woke wiht some alka seltzer cold plus..LOL I had another stripper one time that was gorgeous and bald. Lemme tell you this man was fine, I would say a cross between LL and the Rock...I paid good money to have him strip at my party. He did the most, I mean he even went as far as using saran wrap to put whipcream on random girls snatches so that he could lick it off! I remember came out in a yellow rain suit to the tune of Missy Elliotts "I cant stand the rain". He was by far one my favorites and I intended to hire him again except I saw him in a club one night. I guess his woman was not to far from him because all the groupies that ran up to him he pushed aside. I dont know what happened but all of sudden I see this chick run up in his face slap the dog shat out of him, take her key off and throw it at him and then she stormed out. I can tell you stories for days about strippers.  I hired a stripper for my boyfriend at the time and this chick was funky azz hail, she was extra flabby too. I mean she was pretty but it looked as if she had a nice shape and then got super skinny and her skin was so jiggly. My boyfriend at the time was clowing her though and thats not cool but it was funny all the same.  This birthday though, I hope I can go out and enjoy something peaceful and serene #grownwomantalk. I dont need nobody to entertain me anymore, I dont need smoke, mirrors, and hot sweaty random jank all up on my body grinding to Trey Songz... I just wanna feel beautiful and blessed and rested and relaxed. I know I have a few months but Im planning..... Ima put a little bug in my husbands ear as well since he should be the one stressing in the first place..LOL I was talking to someone the other day that having a birthday so close to Christmas makes you pick and choose...that is so not fair though. I give the BEST parties to my family all year long and then my birthday comes all anyone can think about is Christmas! UGH! I love Christmas but I want the same attention everyone else got for their birhtdays for mine! My mama always say Sagittarius are selfish...and with that being said I WILL TAKE THAT THIS YEAR!!!!!


Bros before Hoes!

I wonder if the sign on the lockers say "Fresh Paint" ???

Snoop Dogg Dog

Racks on Racks on Racks

Have a good day!

Just a pissy mess!

This dedicated to my BRENDOLINI

Business in the front... Party in the back

Oh how fluckin convenient *smh

Her Mama got azz too...LOL




Finally you put me first.... Baby its you, your the one I love, your the one I need.........

Dear Cha Cha

Well, when I was 18 I met this guy and fell in love. We moved in together as soon as I graduated high school and spent 3 and a half years together. We had many ups and downs like most relationships do, but we always loved each other and worked through it. He became a part of my family and my parents and sisters loved him and he was always there to help them out. Unfortunately, I lost my good paying job and about a week after that I woke up to get him up for work and he was gone. I looked all over for him as he had no family close by and had junked his car 2 days before. I get text messages hours later letting me know he couldn’t handle the pressure (even though throughout our relationship he sporadically had jobs and I paid most the bills) and was on a bus. Wouldn’t answer the phone and I only found out he was going to California because he told my mom. A week and a half after that he wanted to come home, even though he went there to stay with a girl he met online. I helped him get home and things are good again, but was I crazy to take him back?


“I think a man needs to be a man. To hold a woman the way she wants to be held. Just do whatever your woman wants, and you’ll be fine,” Jason Momoa star of Conan The  Barbarian annnnnnnnnnd... Lisa Bonets baby daddy said about the way he treats ladies.

My Own Destiny

My world it moves so fast today
The past it seems so far away
And life squeezes so tight that I can’t breathe
And every time I’ve tried to be
What someone has thought of me
So caught up I wasn’t able to achieve
But deep in my heart the answer it was in me
And I made up my mind to define my own destiny
I look at my environment
And wonder where the fire went
What happened to everything we used to be
I hear so many cry for help
Searching outside of themselves
Now I know that his strength is within me but
Deep in my heart the answer it was in me
And I made up my mind to define my own destiny
But deep in my heart the answer it was in me
And I made up my mind to define my own destiny

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill


I got a text from the man today that said simply "I WANNA DO IT" of course IT being have sex/makelove/hump/hunch. Following that text shortly thereafter was another text of his "member" which is always risky but also delightful to recieve while sipping coffee. Were still hot for each other and we try to keep things hot and sizzling in the bedroom.
Just yesterday.............. Well nevermind!!


Good Woman VS. Good Man

Is a good woman or man really hard to find? Has this world pertaining to happiness regarding a significant other based on falsehoods and people settling. I happen to believe and I have very good reason to convince myself that I am a good woman. I tend to also believe that I have found a good man,however I wasnt looking when he found me but we're here now.

 Is there really such an issue when it comes to standards? I have heard before men say that they will not date a woman with children already? Why is that? I have also heard women say they will not date a man with more than one child and/or baby mother? Why is that? When I was younger I can admit that I had standards both realistic, unrealistic and downright absurd but I can attest that that was when I was younger. My mother for instance, has been married twice and is now a widow. Mother does not care if the man is cripple,blind, ugly or retarded, she just wants the companionship. Mother doesnt care even if she loves that person,she just wants to say she has a man by her side in order to refrain from lonliness. Is it wrong for mother to not have any standards when it comes to picking a mate? Needless to say, those relationships never last because sooner or later she begins to see the incompatability thus moving on.

I often say to my husband when he starts feeling hisself, "Babe, no one wants you but me" and he usually retorts the same sentiments back to me, lol. I know that to be untrue because If I could bottle up my man and sell him for a profit I would have a mean backorder list...fa sho!!  However, my idea of a good man may not be the same for most women and his idea of me as a good woman may not be the ideal for another man either.

SO TELL ME Ya'll what is your definition of A GOOD WOMAN or A GOOD MAN  and dont forget to IDENTIFY yourself if you fit that criteria as well!


 Forge speaking in Tongues...... Juanita Bynum is typing in tongues on Facebook to say the least!
Im going to have to give her three thumbs down and please have a seat  for this bull crap!
This is an example of when KEEPING IT REAL goes WRONG! UGH SMH! SOURCE


I know most people dont care (read:black) about Kim Kardashian, but for whatever reason I actually do. I think she is a cool girl and I like her style! Her personality is neither here nor there but I dig her work ethic and her hustle. I actually like the whole Kardashian family cus them bishes are cray cray. I think most of us sans the money can relate to them with the dysfunction and  issues that many families face. Anyhow, Kim 30 being the second oldest daughter of the clan was finally made an honest woman the second time around this past Saturday August 20 to New Jersey Nets Kris Humphries,26. A few things I can say about Kimmie is she loves her black men, she loves her athletes, and she likes them young.LOL ...I wish her complete happiness and success in her new venture as a new wife. Sadly, though, even though she is a wife, most people will never get over her past and thats the world we live in, but I wish them happiness!


How about a glass of BEAUTIFUL... aka French Connection

This one is easy:

1 1/2 ounces Courvoisier
1 ounce Grand Marnier


I Found You Ms New Booty

As of late, I have been seeing some bootys out of this world. Some of these badunka dunks are ri-damndiculous you hear me..and some are to cute to poot, some are fake, some are real, and some are real padded..LOL. I, being a proud owner of junk in the trunk can admire a woman with a nice figure and a nice bottom. What people and especially those less fortunate tend to not understand is that it takes a strong woman to tote around these thangs. Have you ever saw a woman walking towards you and thought I just know her booty is amazing...lol, an azz so fat you can see it from the front?!?! Dont get me wrong, Im not a lady lover and I dont indulge in play time physically with the ladies but like I said before, a womans bootay is an art of perfection and  I appreciate nice things. I think its a natural reaction though for the most part to stare and be in awe when you see something as beautiful as ones assets.  Having a big butt is not only a gift but it can also be a curse. I personally was kind of frustrated when Apple Bottom jeans were discontinued because those jeans were true to my size, Its hard to find a pair of size sixteens that compliment  your body and make you look decent with out Ginuwine singing to you "Girl is there anymore room for me...in those jeans". I do wear Baby Phat unfortunately because I dont have a wide selection to choose from other than Seven Jeans and maybe a Levis. Well enough about my Booty Sattires.... without further adieu and to kick the weekend in the azz...

I give you my favorite catalog of BUTTS....... Men and/or women....YOU CAN THANK ME LATER....with a SMACK *wink (GUEST CONTRIBUTOR- MR CHA CHA)


 And nibble, chew  and swallow me too.... You aint clever!
 Caption Says: Swagger so Fresh... BUT I bet them NUTS AINT...UGH!

 A Blizzard HOT azz funky booty MESS!


Yeap Ronda McDonald were laughing with you!

 This is one daycare my kids will not be going to!  I dont give a damn if that is yo son!

And your stomach is the RUNWAY!
 Can she please turn her EYES off...BISH is giving me a MIGRAINE

NO Thank YOU!!.. I usually just pay with my Credit Card!


Tha Hail is that? WHY MUST I CRY PART 1


Who's Wrong..Who's Right- Wednesday

Each week on Wednesday I will post three scenarios on various issues. All Opinions are welcomed. If you would like me to post an issue you are having trouble resolving and or want honest feedback; email me at happyday3212001@yahoo.com and use Scenario for the subject.

Scenario 1#
There is this ultra friendly and cool chick in the office that everyone loves and adores. Chick is cool with all who comes in contact with her. If there is something that needs to be done she is “your girl” she is very creative and very outspoken. If it’s your birthday or your wedding you can expect to receive major recognition from her albeit balloons at your desk, gift cards, cupcakes ect. There is however a major issue with her that goes without being noticed. Chick has body odor out of this world. You can stand next to her and even as much as walk past her and it hits you like a sack of marbles. It’s like a musty smell, not rancid or funky like you might vomit but a rather stale smell that can not be missed. How does one go about telling her that this is an issue or do you even tell her and just tolerate it? Do you think she knows?
 I mean after all you don’t have to take this person home with you.

Scenario #2
Andrea who has two children has been dating Paul for a little over 6 months is wondering which direction the relationship is headed. Paul who is divorced has made it clear that although he wants to get married one day it will be no time soon. Andrea who has an estranged husband is actually in love with Paul but Paul plays the role as if he is just enjoying his self in their intimate relationship, and maybe his. They do dinners, movies, long drives, hang out with his friends; she even helped him pick out a car. Paul has never spent a single night at Andrea’s house. It’s always vice versa. Andrea feels as though since she has spent all this time with him marriage should be on the horizon and if so she will proceed with her divorce, except, Paul never references her children. Paul is not married for a fact and he is seeing only Andrea. He never makes her comprise her time with her children but he also never mentions them, its as if they don’t exist to him. Andrea decided early on that she didn’t want her children to meet him until she was serious that he would be the one but six months later she cant understand why he is not eager to meet them. What do you think Paul’s deal is?

Scenario #3
Kennedy has been taking care of her 8 year old son for the last 5 years of his life as a single mother. Kennedy and her son Jacobs father divorced when he was three years old. Bryan does work but he gets paid under the table. Kennedy does not collect child support from Bryan because she is allowing him to be responsible and take care of his son on his own terms. Bryan spends quality time with him and he buys him things when needed. Byran occasionally gives Kennedy extra money when she is broke or needs it.
Kennedy has been at her company for 5 years and she makes pretty good money.
Bryan asks Kennedy if she can allow him to claim Jacob on his taxes for the year as she has been able to do it all of the other. Do you think Jacob is justified in his request? Do you think Kennedy should allow him to claim the son for once since she has all the other times? How can this issue be resolved?

Please Share your Opinions in the Comment Section.....Thank You!


A man is claiming he was injured at a local church in an incident involving NBA superstar Kobe Bryant. Sources told 10News Bryant was attending a church service at St. Therese of Carmel in Carmel Valley Sunday and thought someone was taking pictures of him with a cellphone.
According to police, Bryant took the phone from the man, did not see any pictures and then left the church. The man claims he injured his wrist in the incident and had to go to the hospital for treatment. 10News learned police are continuing their investigation into the man's claims.

What. Would. Jesus. Do?


Shyt just got real for Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Taylor Armstrong.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong's estranged husband, Russell, was found dead of an apparent suicide Monday night at his Los Angeles home. They have a daughter together. Taylor Armstrong, 40, filed for divorce in July from Armstrong, citing physical and verbal abuse. The couple were also the subject of a recent $1.5 million lawsuit for breach of contract. SOURCE

I knew something was off with dude when I watched the series. I had only been in to the RHO Atlanta and had not yet opened up to any other of the Housewives Franchises but I did take a liking to the RHOBV. While watching this couple interact I wondered if they were even a couple because they seem so out of touch with one another. It came to no surprise to me when they filed for divorce, I just had that feeling it was coming all along.

This is very sad, I believe he leaves a little girl behind. Hang in there Taylor....Hang on in there!


After dating for 29 years, the View co-host, 68, and beau Steve Janowitz have tied the knot.

Im eager to find out why they finally  took the leap. If someone was to ask me why  I thought they did it, I would have to say for security. I'm guessing they felt...Hey, neither of us is getting any younger, why not just do the damn thing. Supposedly they were going to get married in 2009 but ol' boy got cold feet. Anyhow, hopefully they know each other well enough to tough it out, and at  that age FOREVER seems so much realer than it did when I was professing my forever ever to my boyfriend (now husband) when we were awesome puppy loving teenagers. I also feel like 29 years should be long enough to declare anyone married whether legally or not.

Who dates for all those years anyway?. Im guessing they live in seperate household but that is highly unlikely. I know there are plenty of people that date for years and years without legalizing but its not something I could do. NOPE!. Having marital sex is like the best thing you can ever do for your life. Im not saying that if your not married and your having sex its wrong, Im saying that when you live with someone and your married to that person having unjudgemental sex is the best sex. THATS EXACTLY what IM SAYING. To each his/her own, everyone is not in to spirituality and everyone does not believe marriage is the way. My motto in life is  DO YOU...cant nobody do you for you. I know in my home and in my life it was a standard and Im going to teach mine the same standard I was raised with. NO Ring.. NO THING!

What are your thoughts on marriage?
How long do you feel is to long to date without a lifelong commitment?

Ya Dont Say....

This hot heffah turned 45, this weekend on August 14. *round of applause...bish is still killing most 25 year olds!!!

Check out Nia Long who is expecting and also another HOT 40 something MILF basking in all of her glow-ry *wink. Nia was spotted chilling in her hometown of Trinidad.

CONGRATULATIONS to Sherry Shepperd tying the knot this weekend to fiancé Lamar Sally at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago, her hometown, on Saturday, her rep confirms to PEOPLE. Shepherd's eight bridesmaids included The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Niecy Nash and Community's Yvette Nicole Brown, and her 6-year-old son Jeffrey walked her down the aisle.

BACK TO SCHOOL for Prince, 14, and Paris, 13 will return to private school. "They love the social aspect of it," says the source. While his siblings are away during the day, Blanket, 9, is still  "very shy" so he's going to be home-schooled. SOURCE My kids dont back until after Labor Day. Im too excited to have a 4th and 6th grader...fun times
SPEAKING OF CHILDREN................................
These two little talented whippersnappers are the highest paid teens in the business. Jaden and Willow Smith, the offsprings of Jada and Will Smith are per Forbes reportedly MultimMillionaires
Jaden raked in $5 million in 2010, $3 million of which came from his blockbuster film, "Karate Kid," and other deals. Willow, technically not a teen just yet, earned $4 million from her hit single, "Whip My Hair," and record deal. Source .



  • Joined Twitter... Follow my thick azz @ Cali_Cha... I think thats what Im supposed to say..LOL my sister told me to get followers....why for???? I dont know.
  • On the way to taking baby girl to Cheer Camp this morn, my son lost his phone and asked me to call it. Why does he have as my ringtone E40's "Stripper Pole" .... "there she goes sliding down the pole" BLANK STARE.. Im like son (11) why do you have that for your Mommies ring tone, put something more appropriate on there like "Freak-A-Leek" Petey Pablo...ahahaha...I KID I KID(kinda) AND YES I MADE HIM CHANGE IT...to a more kid friendly song.
  • Had to work today....As you can see HARDLY WORKING...POW!
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  • Husband had to work too so all I got at 4am this morning was some lunch money and a measley kiss. Could have kept the kiss...LOL
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Creep, creep creeping...................HMMM, so last week and the week before Oh JLO LO was airing out all her discretions about her soon to be Ex- Husband Marc Anthony. Jlo was saying how she left him because she had to love herself, or some dry something or another like that. If anyone ever asked my opinion about thier whole situation, I would tell you plain and simple. My take is that Jennifer only wanted to be with Marc because she wanted to have children, that is the only thing she has ever talked about. I think after she had her beautiful twins Max and Emma, she realized that Marc was not her husband after all but just someone she tolerated to get what she ulitmately wanted. Who knows, I personaly liked them together.

Recently though, Paparazzi caught up with them in the Hamptons trying to go half on another baby... I KID I KID.... Read the story here

Just because there is an impending DIVORCE does not mean they cant continue to love each other and be cordial, things dont have to always end up sheisty and greasy, ya kno.

My ex husband and I agreed to let our little marriage go, and we remain cool like we been homies and not lovers for years. Just because you marry someone that does not mean that that person was truly meant to be your life partner, you would hope that you would make the right decision the first go round, but such is life and thats not always the case. I always say my ex-husbands purpose in my life was to bring about my two beautiful children, however he was never meant to be my husband. He actually tried to tell me he wasn't the marrying type but I tricked myself in to believing that those were just words.

 Maya Angelou has a quote : "When someone shows you who they are,believe them"

 I cant say that even if I knew and understood what that meant now I would not have made the decision to marry him, but at the same time, my intention was only to do right by my children.
I wanted my daughter and son to grow up knowing that their mommy was not one of their dads many groupies/jumpoffs/ect. I wanted them to at least believe that out of all of the others, Daddy loved Mommy enough to marry her.
       You live and you learn, life moves on and you squeeze the lemons dry or something like that. The man that I am married to now is definitely the man Im supposed to be with because he was sent by GOD and I have to believe we were kismet. I wasnt looking for him and I didnt want him but he came to me with pure and unprohibited love and all he wanted was me to love him back. So even if JLo and Marc are seen together and even if their trying to figure things out, I say let them be. 

    Besides I need them together for my own selfish reasons....Have you ever seen El Catante' shyytttttt, I need a part two of that movie. Its a movie of a singer from Puerto Rico name Hector Lavoe and Marc and Jennifer portray him and his wife Pucci in the movie..... MUST SEE !

Lets Chill

Its FRIDAY....Run to the L.I Q (liquor store) and grab a lil sumthin, sumthin to take the edge off.

Oh my, Oh my..talk about feeling sexy! This drink GOES!!!