Who's Wrong..Who's Right- Wednesday

Each week on Wednesday I will post three scenarios on various issues. All Opinions are welcomed. If you would like me to post an issue you are having trouble resolving and or want honest feedback; email me at happyday3212001@yahoo.com and use Scenario for the subject.

Scenario 1#
There is this ultra friendly and cool chick in the office that everyone loves and adores. Chick is cool with all who comes in contact with her. If there is something that needs to be done she is “your girl” she is very creative and very outspoken. If it’s your birthday or your wedding you can expect to receive major recognition from her albeit balloons at your desk, gift cards, cupcakes ect. There is however a major issue with her that goes without being noticed. Chick has body odor out of this world. You can stand next to her and even as much as walk past her and it hits you like a sack of marbles. It’s like a musty smell, not rancid or funky like you might vomit but a rather stale smell that can not be missed. How does one go about telling her that this is an issue or do you even tell her and just tolerate it? Do you think she knows?
 I mean after all you don’t have to take this person home with you.

Scenario #2
Andrea who has two children has been dating Paul for a little over 6 months is wondering which direction the relationship is headed. Paul who is divorced has made it clear that although he wants to get married one day it will be no time soon. Andrea who has an estranged husband is actually in love with Paul but Paul plays the role as if he is just enjoying his self in their intimate relationship, and maybe his. They do dinners, movies, long drives, hang out with his friends; she even helped him pick out a car. Paul has never spent a single night at Andrea’s house. It’s always vice versa. Andrea feels as though since she has spent all this time with him marriage should be on the horizon and if so she will proceed with her divorce, except, Paul never references her children. Paul is not married for a fact and he is seeing only Andrea. He never makes her comprise her time with her children but he also never mentions them, its as if they don’t exist to him. Andrea decided early on that she didn’t want her children to meet him until she was serious that he would be the one but six months later she cant understand why he is not eager to meet them. What do you think Paul’s deal is?

Scenario #3
Kennedy has been taking care of her 8 year old son for the last 5 years of his life as a single mother. Kennedy and her son Jacobs father divorced when he was three years old. Bryan does work but he gets paid under the table. Kennedy does not collect child support from Bryan because she is allowing him to be responsible and take care of his son on his own terms. Bryan spends quality time with him and he buys him things when needed. Byran occasionally gives Kennedy extra money when she is broke or needs it.
Kennedy has been at her company for 5 years and she makes pretty good money.
Bryan asks Kennedy if she can allow him to claim Jacob on his taxes for the year as she has been able to do it all of the other. Do you think Jacob is justified in his request? Do you think Kennedy should allow him to claim the son for once since she has all the other times? How can this issue be resolved?

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BrendenhasCankles said...

Is she Armenian o_O cuzz boy lemme tell ya I've had experience living in one of the Armenian meccas of Southern Cali. Then they try to douce it with cheap cologne...Ewww my dingle berries itch just thinking about it...Anyway. Hell no you don't tell her! If she's as nice as described you give her a pass. I usta laugh at stinky people, but now I know your food can dictate they way you smell. Many ethnic foods leave the consumers with a bad odor or bad breath, doesn't mean that they are dirty. A cavity can give a person dragon breath. What if they have no insruance? Just ant afford to get it taken care of? Now if ur very close to this woman, or intimate with her, leave her be. I've learned to just tolerate funky people. Unless I'm sleeping with you...May the stank be with you...

Maybe after 6mos he's still trying to figure out if she's the one. If you're already the kind of person who doesn't let just anyone around your kids,,,,Why rush it now. They're kids not puppies...If it takes 6mos or 12mos let it be what it shall be. You don't know that man yet, and he don't know you. Don't force it. Ease it in gently. Lubricate the tip. Then uh um oh damn...My bad my mind wanders when I haven't had my coffee :)

How is he filing taxes if he gets paid under the table o_O maybe I missed sumthin. Anyway my vote is no. As someone who knows someone, who knows someone, who was related to someone, who knew someone who usta ''buy'' kids to claim come income tax time...I believe the IRS gets suspicious if you don't claim those same dependents atleast 3yrs in a row. It's great that he's a decent father, but unless you are truly supporting the child IE housing said child, I say no. It's different when you have 4 children to divide amongst the Are of you come April, but thos could lead to trouble. I'm no expert tho...

BrendenNeedsCaffeine said...

1)^^Should say ''now UNLESS ur very close to this woman, or intimate with her...then leave her be''

3) should read ''...have 4 children to divide amaongst the TWO of you come April...''

I told you I'm know good without my coffee. It's like Viagra for my brain...

mirsmommy said...

1.) If you're cool enough with this chick, then bring it to her attention. If not, I would say leave her be, because chick may poison your cupcakes. LOL

2.) Chick needs to leave dude alone. If he is not interested in her kids, he doesn't mind that she is not spending time with her kids, then he's not beat for those babies. If she's spending nights at his house, I'm sure those babies are not there with them. Chick is dead wrong for giving all her time to a man that clearly is not looking for anything serious from her, and wants nothing to do with those babies. Any man or woman that is content with their mate not being involved with, or not spending enough time with his or her own children, has a serious problem.

3.) I think he is justified. If he is spending time with their son, and is doing the best that he could for their son, then I think he's justified.

mirsmommy said...

*dead* at Brenden. How many times are you gonna change your name??? LOL

melinla said...

1. I wouldn't say anything to the chick unless our friendship somehow made it ouside of the office... then I would speak up.

2. I don't think that Paul wants a committed relationship from her... he could probably ride that situation out until the end of time.

3. If he is being paid under the table I'm not letting him claim NOTHING especially if it will cause me to have to pay taxes... If he goes legit then we can trade off year to year.

Feline Feminine said...

1. I do think she needs to be told about her odor. She works in an environment where she is around others who may be offended by her stink. This IS an HR issue that I had to deal with years ago regarding a previous co-worker. Not only did he stink but he was offensive to others with his loud farting and behavior in the men's bathroom. But he was one of the nicest folks in the department. He got fired not long after me and others kept complaining about him.

2. I think ol' boy is fresh out of a divorce and is not looking to get attached. He probably is feeling ol' girl but doesn't want her to get the impression that he's ready for something serious, so why show any interest in meeting her children? That just makes the situation THAT much more complicated. There are a great amount of women who use their kids as a way to place a guilt trip on the man. They'll say stuff like "Man man is gonna miss u, how u gonna just leave us like that...". With that being said this man is probably enjoying the time he has with her and keeping it simple, especially since she already has a husband. If she wants more from him she needs to express it or move on.

3. No, he should not be allowed to claim the child on his taxes. Whomever is the primary care-giver should ALWAYS have this privilege. He already makes his money under the table which means he avoids taxes as it is. And, if he doesn't want her putting him on child support he better keep it cute no matter what decision she chooses to make....

ELove said...

1) NOPE !!!

2) Paul is a very SMART DUDE with the "KEEP IT SIMPLE" approach... Being bothered with Other Peoples KIDS is also being Bothered by Other Peoples PROBLEMS (That's a NO-NO...)

Most Dudes enjoy not having Unnecessary STRESS in their Lives (Is It WRONG ?!!?)

3) Does the Child stays over 6 months within the Father's Household ?!!? IF that answer is NO then NO SHE Shouldn't Let HIM CLAIM Him !!!

Vetta said...

#1--What about when her birthday comes around? Do they give her gifts, balloons, etc? If so, for her b-day, they could give her a gift set that comes with body wash, soap, perfume, etc. Also, where I work at we had an employee who had body odor/bad breath and we do a lot of face to face interaction with different clients so we addressed the "personal hygiene" issue at a staff meeting. We didn't call anyone out, just reminded everyone to practice good personal hygiene.

#2--I don’t think Paul is feeling Andrea the way she is feeling him. Looks like he just wants a dating companion/sex partner—nothing else. Personally, I would kick him to the side for the fact that he doesn’t want to meet the kids and I actually did this to one guy. I had talked to him on the phone for several months before we met, then we went on a date and after dropping me back at my house we talked outside for awhile and my son came to the door and he was like who is that and I told him and I ask him did he want to meet him and he was like “no, what I want to meet him for.” He said it in a tone that pissed me off because during the time we would talk on the phone he would always ask about my son, so I assumed he would want to meet him but oh well.

#3--I don’t think she should let him claim him plus he’s working under the table, so how would that work? To resolve this, maybe they should work out some kind of custody arrangement where she keeps him half a year and he keep the child for the other half of the year, that way both of them could claim him at tax time, oh and if he quit working under the table also. :-)