Right Back Where I Started From

Its just in me and I cant even explain it but I loooooooooooooooooooove to write. I cant even begin to count how many short stories, blogs, magazines, calendars, screen plays, books, autobiographies, raps, songs ect I have started on and never completed. When Im old and grey I suppose I will pull them all together and make a collection of some sort....HOWEVA... I wont be old for a long time and grey is just not my color nononoooooo!!!!

SO what now. I think Im just going to place my thoughts here and there and see what I come up with. I get bored easily so this may be here today and gone tomorrow. I hope though whatever I decide to share will be a testament to my true life and that in some mysterious way shape or form I can add insight in to someone elses. Im a ray of sunshine and I love people.

I love GOD...I love my CHILDREN...I'm In love with my HUSBAND...I love my FAMILY and I love my  HOME which is California...there is no other place I would rather be..... There is really no place like home.

Come Back again ............Sunkissed and Bloomed

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