WHO MADE THE.... Wait....What the fluck is that?

Potlucks are fun right? I know for myself, I love a good potluck. We have them at work all the time. Potlucks are fun, but they can also be kinda tricky. Have you ever been to a poluck and perused the food like, I wanna try that...and that.... and bleh..the hell is that?  Its always interesting to see what people claim to be there "best" or "award winning". The tricky thing about potlucks though are who brough what and who should've skipped the sign up list altogether?

Lets think about it! Are you more incline to get a nice helping of your girlfriend/coworker whose house you have been over plenty of times for dinner and you have sat in the kitchen with her while she chopped, sliced, diced and slaved over a hot stove for you not to mention her cleanliness and tidiness along the way. (regular ol Rachel Ray). Or, would you pile on a nice helping of a dish from your co-worker that is a really nice person, a soccer mom, the one thats first to volunteer for all of the charity events outside the office, but she doesnt wash her hands when she exits the restroom. What about that one co-worker who lives alone with his dog Sparky and always signs up to bring the casserole. Sparky, sleeps with him, eats with him, and ahem, bathes with him. Finally you got the one co-worker, possibly yourself who doesnt have time to fix anything so either pays to have food catered, picks up something from the store, or plain ol rejects the idea and doesnt participate. For that type of behavior though, one might wonder what that says about you as an individual in the interim.

Considering the aforementioned I will say I am the last one. Im the one that will buy something from the local restaurant and throw it in a bowl adding my touch of tin foil..LOL. At least someone else can be responsible for it tasting bland and/or I could be the talk of the office for it being the "best thing I have ever tasted". Although in a sense I am not being forthcoming or some may say a little bit misleading,  but I say why does any of that matter anyway...Isnt it the thought that counts, now eat up...its Kung Pao Chicken...I err..umm made it myself =)

POTLUCK Ettiquette for the office (click here for the source)
  1. Bring what your assigned PERIOD
  2. Make sure cleanliness is a priority
  3. Dont double the recipe, bring enough for each person to try, but dont overdo it whereas you have to take home the leftovers
  4. Dont cheap out and bring a 2 liter of soda when everyone else is bringing homecooked meals. If your gonna bring the 2liter bring, ice and cups too
  5. Put your ingredients on a index card for those who may have allergies
  6. Dont be greedy, its not fair to head back for seconds when only half the room has eaten
  7. Dont take home anyone else's leftovers unless they offer it to you, and clean up yours.
Happy Potlucking .......


Reggie said...

Eating at potlucks on a regular is a good way to end up with diarrhea. Not everyone out there is clean.

Cerebrally_Orgasmic said...

Man, I'm with Reggie on this one!! Lol..

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ The man and his dog