Baby Fever

 Fantasia has recently revealed her exciting news saying:
 “So, this child that I carry – God has given me this child. And I don’t have to hide it from none of y’all.”   MORE
 Father is more than likely Antwaun Cook, who Fantasia went through a lot of drama with last year even and including attempting to take her own life.... I love me some Fantasia so I will keep her in my thoughts and prayer! 
Congrats to Eric Benet for not only tying the knot a second time but becoming a second time father.... Wife, Manuela Testolini Benét who is currently expecting will now be a family with Eric and his adult daughter India.

Melanie Brown. aka Mel B is about to give birth to her 3rd child anyd ay now with husband Steven Belafonte. She suffered public embarrassment about 3/4 years ago for sharing a child with Eddie Murphy who would not claim until DNA proved that he was the father.  I believe she has been married to Steven for about 3 years now and she seems to be happy, they even have a reality show I havent gotten a chance to watch. Im happy that their expanding their family. MELANIE WEARS PREGNANCY SO FREAKING EFFORTLESSLY

TALK ABOUT GLOWING...Ms Nia Long, mother of one son, Massai 9, is expecting her second child with boyfriend NBA Basketball player Ime Udoka.
Nia will be 41 this year and again, she looks freaking amazing!

Well, I too am on the journey to become a mother again...I have extreme baby fever. We have'nt been as fortunate to say were pregnant yet, however we are practicing as we should and taking care to be prepared for when that day comes.  I hope that day comes soon because Im getting up there...........NOT QUITE 41 up there, but I will not put my own timestamp on what GOD has already worked out.  


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Jason said...

I don't have anything cool to say about Fantasia. Congrats to Eric though!