What Wonders Me Wednesday

MYTHS .....................................................
Time to clear up something  I DIDNT KNOW!

Period Sex is .......Safe Sex   
Why we think this: The popular belief is that if you have sex during her period, she can’t get pregnant. This myth originated from the fact that a period "tells" her body, “Okay, you’re not pregnant, so let’s get rid of that egg and start again.” Logically, if the egg is out and the next one is far away, there is no egg to be impregnated by sperm.
The reality: The reason this myth is false is because sperm can survive in the vagina for up to seven days, and an egg can survive for three. If she has irregular periods and ovulates closer to her period, the egg and sperm transit times get crossed. In a normal 28-day cycle, ovulation occurs two weeks before the next period. So, unless you and your girl know her cycle very intimately, don’t play with fire -- you might just get burned.

My Two Cents: Just make sure it’s with some one that has been tested, you love and you can face after cleaning up some hot wet mess!

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