Believe Half of what you Hear..........

Coming in to work this morning my co-worker said that she heard on the radio that the great Etta James has passed away? I been searching online and haven't found any truth to support it. If not, she is in my prayers as I know at one point she was ailing.  UPDATE (the news of Etta passing was part of an online hoax. People ARE STUPID!)

 In 2008 Beyonce brought Ms Etta James life to the big screen in Cadillac Records

My go to site for facts is People online and as of yet nothing has been reported. In other news People has reported that Bubba Smith has died. Click Here for those details
You may remember him for his role in Police Academy.

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Jason said...

R.I.P Bubba Smith, decent actor and helluva football player, prayers go out tho his loved ones.