I know most people dont care (read:black) about Kim Kardashian, but for whatever reason I actually do. I think she is a cool girl and I like her style! Her personality is neither here nor there but I dig her work ethic and her hustle. I actually like the whole Kardashian family cus them bishes are cray cray. I think most of us sans the money can relate to them with the dysfunction and  issues that many families face. Anyhow, Kim 30 being the second oldest daughter of the clan was finally made an honest woman the second time around this past Saturday August 20 to New Jersey Nets Kris Humphries,26. A few things I can say about Kimmie is she loves her black men, she loves her athletes, and she likes them young.LOL ...I wish her complete happiness and success in her new venture as a new wife. Sadly, though, even though she is a wife, most people will never get over her past and thats the world we live in, but I wish them happiness!

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