Forge speaking in Tongues...... Juanita Bynum is typing in tongues on Facebook to say the least!
Im going to have to give her three thumbs down and please have a seat  for this bull crap!
This is an example of when KEEPING IT REAL goes WRONG! UGH SMH! SOURCE


Queen of My Castle said...

Girl, I saw that yesterday and just shook my head. Growing up in the church and being a preacher's daughter, I've seen a lot. I am somewhat turned off by church because a lot of church people are just doing the most.

Cha Cha iz CaliSunKissed said...

WOW my Queen is a preachers daughter... SAY IT AINT SOOOOO.... Girl who wouldve thunk it but then it makes so much sense because Im a preachers GOD Daughter and we are always the FREAKIESST *wink

Queen of My Castle said...

LMAO! I had no clue, but you're right, it all makes sense now. I love you even MORE now.

Anonymous said...

ion know who Queen is but she's a stunna! mk..Juanita left me speechless with this one..She gotta do betta


Don said...

I remember when I actually read this woman's book.