Good Woman VS. Good Man

Is a good woman or man really hard to find? Has this world pertaining to happiness regarding a significant other based on falsehoods and people settling. I happen to believe and I have very good reason to convince myself that I am a good woman. I tend to also believe that I have found a good man,however I wasnt looking when he found me but we're here now.

 Is there really such an issue when it comes to standards? I have heard before men say that they will not date a woman with children already? Why is that? I have also heard women say they will not date a man with more than one child and/or baby mother? Why is that? When I was younger I can admit that I had standards both realistic, unrealistic and downright absurd but I can attest that that was when I was younger. My mother for instance, has been married twice and is now a widow. Mother does not care if the man is cripple,blind, ugly or retarded, she just wants the companionship. Mother doesnt care even if she loves that person,she just wants to say she has a man by her side in order to refrain from lonliness. Is it wrong for mother to not have any standards when it comes to picking a mate? Needless to say, those relationships never last because sooner or later she begins to see the incompatability thus moving on.

I often say to my husband when he starts feeling hisself, "Babe, no one wants you but me" and he usually retorts the same sentiments back to me, lol. I know that to be untrue because If I could bottle up my man and sell him for a profit I would have a mean backorder list...fa sho!!  However, my idea of a good man may not be the same for most women and his idea of me as a good woman may not be the ideal for another man either.

SO TELL ME Ya'll what is your definition of A GOOD WOMAN or A GOOD MAN  and dont forget to IDENTIFY yourself if you fit that criteria as well!


Anonymous said...

Don't know if I have the definition for either, but I know that you have to be what you're asking for. A nickel looking for a dime is ridiculous but we're all guilty of it. High standards for others means high standards for self. As much as I want a "good man" I know I'm not completely together myself. And like you said, when you're not looking is when things come into sight.

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