After dating for 29 years, the View co-host, 68, and beau Steve Janowitz have tied the knot.

Im eager to find out why they finally  took the leap. If someone was to ask me why  I thought they did it, I would have to say for security. I'm guessing they felt...Hey, neither of us is getting any younger, why not just do the damn thing. Supposedly they were going to get married in 2009 but ol' boy got cold feet. Anyhow, hopefully they know each other well enough to tough it out, and at  that age FOREVER seems so much realer than it did when I was professing my forever ever to my boyfriend (now husband) when we were awesome puppy loving teenagers. I also feel like 29 years should be long enough to declare anyone married whether legally or not.

Who dates for all those years anyway?. Im guessing they live in seperate household but that is highly unlikely. I know there are plenty of people that date for years and years without legalizing but its not something I could do. NOPE!. Having marital sex is like the best thing you can ever do for your life. Im not saying that if your not married and your having sex its wrong, Im saying that when you live with someone and your married to that person having unjudgemental sex is the best sex. THATS EXACTLY what IM SAYING. To each his/her own, everyone is not in to spirituality and everyone does not believe marriage is the way. My motto in life is  DO YOU...cant nobody do you for you. I know in my home and in my life it was a standard and Im going to teach mine the same standard I was raised with. NO Ring.. NO THING!

What are your thoughts on marriage?
How long do you feel is to long to date without a lifelong commitment?


ELove said...

I'm almost Positive they've lived together (NOT Separate households) But I could be WRONG **LOL**

MARRIAGE doesn't equate to Life-Long COMMITMENT (F-ing FACT !!!)

I GUESS that pretty much sums up MY Opinion regarding Marriage HUH **LMAO**

You can DATE FOREVER w/o a Serious Commitment just depends on HOW COOL Y'all are regarding Personal SPACE and PRIVACY (Real)

I won't SHYT ON THOSE that are Happily Married because It's a Wonderful Thing IF YOU HAVE THAT but Marriage is FAR TOO Pain-Staking & Confining to be TRULY ENJOYABLE -- JMO

I would much rather have A SOULMATE that I can live with & be with W/O any of Society's LABELING because WHAT WE Would Share is WAY MORE Significant & Important than Society's Standards and Rhetoric IMO

Cha Cha iz CaliSunKissed said...

i can dig it...my kids uncle which recently passed away was with his girlfriend for 25 years and it all it said on the obituary was close friend...that sucks to me bc she probably held on all those yrs hoping to become his wife..but luckily our state honors common law..*shrugs...On another note my granny was with my grandfather since my mom was 5 and they never married bc he was legally married already..was with my granny over 30 yrs..even now are buried in the same plot together.

I love being married..I will always want to be married..thats just me..and yes this shyt is fucking hard but whats even harder is to easily walk away....cheaper to keep her goes both ways...lol

Anonymous said...

I don't see the point in dating for that long, but that's what floats their boat. Some people don't see marriage as a true commitment anymore. They feel like it's can damper the relationship. And someone please explain to me how his old azz got cold feet? Who was he waiting on..lol. They did this because they're old and afraid they'll be left to die alone without anyone realizing...smh

Anonymous said...

*They feel like it can damper the relationship.