Shyt just got real for Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Taylor Armstrong.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong's estranged husband, Russell, was found dead of an apparent suicide Monday night at his Los Angeles home. They have a daughter together. Taylor Armstrong, 40, filed for divorce in July from Armstrong, citing physical and verbal abuse. The couple were also the subject of a recent $1.5 million lawsuit for breach of contract. SOURCE

I knew something was off with dude when I watched the series. I had only been in to the RHO Atlanta and had not yet opened up to any other of the Housewives Franchises but I did take a liking to the RHOBV. While watching this couple interact I wondered if they were even a couple because they seem so out of touch with one another. It came to no surprise to me when they filed for divorce, I just had that feeling it was coming all along.

This is very sad, I believe he leaves a little girl behind. Hang in there Taylor....Hang on in there!

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