I Found You Ms New Booty

As of late, I have been seeing some bootys out of this world. Some of these badunka dunks are ri-damndiculous you hear me..and some are to cute to poot, some are fake, some are real, and some are real padded..LOL. I, being a proud owner of junk in the trunk can admire a woman with a nice figure and a nice bottom. What people and especially those less fortunate tend to not understand is that it takes a strong woman to tote around these thangs. Have you ever saw a woman walking towards you and thought I just know her booty is amazing...lol, an azz so fat you can see it from the front?!?! Dont get me wrong, Im not a lady lover and I dont indulge in play time physically with the ladies but like I said before, a womans bootay is an art of perfection and  I appreciate nice things. I think its a natural reaction though for the most part to stare and be in awe when you see something as beautiful as ones assets.  Having a big butt is not only a gift but it can also be a curse. I personally was kind of frustrated when Apple Bottom jeans were discontinued because those jeans were true to my size, Its hard to find a pair of size sixteens that compliment  your body and make you look decent with out Ginuwine singing to you "Girl is there anymore room for me...in those jeans". I do wear Baby Phat unfortunately because I dont have a wide selection to choose from other than Seven Jeans and maybe a Levis. Well enough about my Booty Sattires.... without further adieu and to kick the weekend in the azz...

I give you my favorite catalog of BUTTS....... Men and/or women....YOU CAN THANK ME LATER....with a SMACK *wink (GUEST CONTRIBUTOR- MR CHA CHA)

Cha Cha got Junk in the Trunk -->


2. Ugly Azzes


4. Flat Azz  *shrug
5. Cute Azz
6. Famous Azz
 7. Overrated Azz
 8. Fake Azz *shrug
What are some myths that you have heard about the BOOTY if any?


mirsmommy said...

*dead* at the ignorant ass

Feline Feminine said...

I am a proud member of the flat azz club...I never had a donk, but I make up for it abundantly up top...thus, I have embraced my small, flat derriere.. :-)

Queen of My Castle said...

That chick in the last pic has a nice body. I'm envious.

Jazzy said...

LOL @ this entire post, but especially this~~> "some are too cute to poot" LOLOLOL!!!

My mom, my sisters, and most of my cousins, have either flat or square butts. I am the only one who has a bodacious booty...which my mother and my oldest cousin must talk about (and pinch) EVERYTIME I see them.

Honestly I don't get the fascination though.

ELove said...

Pics where Dat Azz actually LQQKS Damn Good...

The 1st ONE, Serena and Lisa Raye !!!

The 2nd, 3rd and Fourth (Pebbelz) LQQKS to Distorted... Coco and M-Ford Too Damn Photoshopped for My Liking and THE REST are Just H.A.M. **LOL**

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