So while Mommy and(most likely not)  Daddy are sound asleep in the next room, lil Ke Ke is getting quite acquainted with the pole that's conveniently placed in her living room. Lil Ke Ke looks to be about 7 or 8 years old and quite capable of understanding simple concepts like sliding down a pole. I mean what 7/8 year old girl doesnt know how to slide down a pole, shake her little ass, pop her lil goodies and switch her hips these days. I tell you which one, my daughter does NOT and she is 9. 
     First off, my husband would never allow a stripper pole to be located in the center of our living room floor like a coffee table or an ottoman to begin with.  A pole, Im talking about the 6 foot tall, chrome, stainless steel pole that is used primarily for STRIPPERS.
Perhaps, in my single days, single as in no kids, this would be appropriate, but once you bring home a lil person, I would assume you to understand its fully time to grow up, and things that were about you somewhat no longer exist.
      This pole is causing all types of trouble, Im confused and wondering if this is where Mommy and daughter spend quality time togethter and if Mommy is teaching her cool routines. This brings a whole nother look at Toddlers and Tiaras or the most recent Dance Moms on reality TV. I mean is the little girl cueing up Ciara's "Ride" for her mother at 8:00 in the morning when she should be eating Fruit Loops and reading a book or having a make believe tea party? 
          Another thing that concerns me is how do you explain to company why your daughter has on your 6 inch stilettos and is oiling the pole to do what she calls "playing". I am so disappointed at this parent for so many reasons. The sad part out of this is the fact that this child is being forced to grow up fast. There is only so much restriction and restraint you can enforce when you have a pole in your living room. What will you tell her, "No Mommy is the only one allowed on the pole" Or "You can only go on after you do your homework" seriously, pick your poison. Is her mother preparing and/or telling her that upon climbing off the pole she should expect random, sweaty, hungry, grossly breathing men to be standing by waiting to tuck dollar bills in her g-string and that?
            My daughter, has no clue what this child is doing.
In fact, after showing her this sad travesty, my daughter iscompletely convinced that this a work of photoshop. I had to explain to her that, this little girl is only emulating what she has seen her mother do day in and day out. I had to explain to my daughter that she is taught right from wrong but when she is away from my presence I fully expect her to make the right decisions. I had to explain to my daughter that a pole of any sort is not in her future as long as her future is in my hands. My daughter knows that education is first. I dont know what this childs mother or fathers intentions are in raising her but I can bet my favorite pair of daisy dukes, morals and respect aint one of them. Im not judging this person and his/her parenting skills but I am also willing to bet that Social Services would be on my team holding up a zero card for sure.
I am the woman my daughter needs to become expect better, it is up to me to provide the path I want my daughter to take by my daily actions, how I speak and what I speak of. 
Im soooo glad that I can hold my head up proudly and say that I have done A LOT of things but preparing a tag team mother/daughter number on a pole is not one I would ever be proud of....Thank GOD!.  


Keith said...

LOL...Thank God for that too.. I knew of at least two mother -daughter strippers in West Philly when I was growing up...I used to look at them ,going off to "work" and just shake my head!-LOL!

Queen of My Castle said...

Wow. I am seriously floored. I don't have any daughters, but if I did she certainly would not be on a damn pole, especially not one in my living room. This is sad, actually

Jazzy said...

Recently there was a youtube video of a child dancing very provocatively while her parents filmed and encouraged her to really put her back in to it. o_O

I'm all for spicing up a bedroom, but if you need a stripper pole in your bedroom or anywhere in your house, you have other issues...ESPECIALLY if there are children around to see it. A stripper pole in the living room is just riddddddiculous! lol smh

Cha Cha iz CaliSunKissed said...

@JAzzy and Queen...believe it or not, this little girls mom is an actual stripper as the little girl says often and isnt afraid to express that she wants to be just like her mother... SMDH