Would you Rather?

While I was chilling over at friends this weekend, we played a little game called "Would you Rather" basically the game consist of two seperate instances/scenarios that you would be willing to do or not do.

Example: Would you rather jump off a 12 ft building knowing you could land on a trampoline or would you rather be stuck on a plane sitting next to a belching man?

Of course we made our own rules, so the object of our game was if the majority said the opposite of what you said, you had to drink a shot. Sounds fun right!
Try it with friends at your next get together... Im sure if you google you can find some questions to actually print out instead of making your own or buying the game.

Heres one for the road:
Would you rather find your soulmate and have all of your friends and family hate him/her OR Would you rather stay single for the rest of your life and have loving friends and family?


Don said...

Soulmate, all day every day.

In other words, I doubt if my friends and family would be too much of anything if unhappy about my choice, happiness.

NotoriousBurrEnnDenn said...

My comment didn't show? Hmmm. Did this ChaDoubleD heffa pull a SandraRose n ban me? Aint this about a Blip!!!

Anyway...What my fam thinks of my significant other is irrelevant...They don't accept me moonlighting as a gay 4 pay porn star (hey it's a recession), they don't accept me wearing lingerie in public (hey the satin feels good against my balls), they don't even accept me working part time as Precious's personal belly lint picker (and she's famous) So phluck um! Seriously, I could care less! They aint the ones I'm sleeping with...Well unless you include my cuzzin Antoine,,,But that was years ago and were only family by marriage.lol

Jason said...

Soul mate!

My friend not liking her is their problem. You should never pass up on a lot of love for a little bit of hate.

Anonymous said...

Soul Mate.

Once family and friends see my true happiness they might soften up. Plus my friends are very protective so they never think anyone is good enough. I have no problem telling anyone to kick rocks no matter who they are *shrug*

Anonymous said...

Soul mate!

*Raises hand* Um...may we get an update? Yes? Thanks!

Sunny said...

I would say soulmate.

I would rather be happy and be with someone special to me.

I have to try this game...

The Mushings of a Great Poet said...

I'm with My Bruh @Don


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