Awwww... I feel like the fourth non member of Dirty Money. Like, Im in the group, but you never see me sometimes and sometimes there are so many features that I get zeroed out but I still get that Dirty Money paycheck for honorable mention and shyt..LOL. No Im not Cassie (smh-ya'll silly)

I didnt realize how much I misse blogging until now. I am COMING HOME...COMING HOME...TELL THE WORLD IM COMING HOME. I have been surfing trying to reunite with my old blog fam and there is soooooooooo many more urban bloggers today than there were EVER.

I truly miss the interactions with each blogger on a daily. Work had me bound a few years and then I got sucked back in to being  a regular on as Cha Cha. Then there is facebook. However, there is nothing like BLOGGING..Nothing!

Well Im out...gotta go make my rounds.. Hello.....Good Morning!


Jason said...

That Diddy Dirty Money is dope as hell...fuckwhatuheard!

Thanks for stopping by my e-crib. Do come back back!

And is that you in that profile pic?

If so. Daaaaaaammmmmmmm!!!!!!

Cali Sunkissed and Bloomed said...

Ahaha.. No, thats my girl Bey Baby..Ima major fan/stan! I hope you will come back again!