On Saturday I was in  WalMart(the zoo) and I was purchasing a couple of things for our companies annual picnic. Since it was Saturday I already knew what I was getting myself in to by even going in that damn chaotic place of a store..HMPH! I went in hard, and told myself to stick to the script. Lines were crazy per usual but my hubby and I did the two line game where whoevers moves first we will slide over to that line.
Anyhow, when I get to the counter and as Im putting my shyt on there, some non english speaking elderly comes out of the woodworks with like three items in her hand ( boxers, danish, and dishwashing liquid) and motions to go before me. The thing is, by the time I figured out why she was igging me and thrusting her items at me, the cashier had already started ringing me up.
I was like "Oh you wanted to go before me"
"yes ..yes... yes"
Im like "Oh Im sorry, she has already started ringing me up" you know this heffah proceeded to try to put her shyt in with mine and hand me her money.
I was like
"No, what are you doing" and she kept insisting.
I was about to drop kick her azz, but I mean she was old and little and that would've been foul on my part.
So I guess, since I didnt oblige or take her money, she got frustrated with me grab her things and went to the front of the line of the next patron. I sat there and watched shaking my head as this man tried to communicate the same as I did but you could also tell he was confused azz hail. I tell you what, if she would've just waited in line like everybody else, her azz would have been gone out the store to do whatever she needed to urgently do with them  damn boxers, danish and dishwashing soap.

The people of WAL MART ... ROFLMAO! 


Queen of My Castle said...

LMAO!!! Seems Cali is a lot like Houston in the 'I don't speak a lick of English but am pushy as all hell.' syndrome.

Queen of My Castle said...

I wonder why she had boxers, though

Cali Sunkissed and Bloomed said...

I dont know why she was buying those items. The thing is I probably would have let her through if she wasnt so pushy. T.Y was like, be nice..thats an old lady...LOL

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