When Hoodrats attack

Meeka Slapxton VS. 

So news surfaced last week that the sweatbox otherwise known as Meeka Claxton was filing suit against public service recipient Tami Roman for assault Click HERE if you missed it. Although this occured in the real the world (hahaha) weeks ago  the rest of the world had to wait to watch it on last nights episode. Now dont get me wrong, I fux with Tami because she's like the underdog. All the other chicks are scared of her but she is the type that when you cool with her...its cool...BUT just dont get on her bad side. In my opinion though... the only two people that should've been fighting, should have been Meeka going up side Suzies punk azz head (wonders if she says her name with a lisps). Suzie is a straight coward. I am mad at Tami though because she could have been a bigger person and just left well enough alone. If Im not mistaken, she did say "fakes and phonies" vs. "popular girls" but even if she did... who was gon check her! (NOBODY) Although I think that Tami slappin the breaks off of Meeka was uncalled for...Im quite sure, aint nobody else gonna be saying to much sideways to Tami in the near future. Annnnnnd, for the record, I still think that Evelyn is mad at Jennifer and I dont see their relationship ever  being the same, over dinner they barely even gave each other eye contact. 


Jason said...

Damn! I missed the show. Tami don't take no shit and I can respect that. I don't understand Meeka being on the show, I guess because she is actually married it brings some credibility the name of the show or something.

Tami is going down the line. She already smacked hot fire out of Evelyn and Meeka. Who's next?

I'm surprised Suzie hasn't been zab judahed yet! It's only a matter of time. I have the catch the re-up.

Cali Sunkissed and Bloomed said...

Yeah Suzie needs the shyt slapped out of her too.... It was fun watching the shenanigans unfold though..LOL

Cerebrally_Orgasmic said...

Maybe I'm wrong for this, but..I was sooooo happy when my girl Tams slapped the spit out of Meeka. I think that was the slap heard 'round the world!!! LMBO!!!
Suzi is a two-faced giraffe. She ain't no REAL woman. She's always hollerin' 'bout how she don't want to get in the "middle", but ain't it funny that that's where she ALWAYS end up??!! They all need to gang up on her instigatin' behind!!