A Party In Your Mouth

Spicy Creamy Corn

This is sure to be a hit for your next Summer BBQ, Potluck or Labor Day Picnic. Its very good and actually very quick to prepare.

Before you get started you willl need:

2 Cans of Corn/ Frozen Corn
A stick of cream cheese
Fresh sliced, can or jarred jalapenos

Step 1

2 Cans of Corn will provide a serving of up to 6 helpings

Cook the corn per usual.
Step 2

Drain the corn and place it in to a glass bowl or baking pan

Step 3

Take the Cream Cheese and place it in a microwave safe bowl to get it to melt

Add the cream cheese to the corn by slowing stirring and mixing it.

Step 4

Add the jalapenos... If you want it extra spicy, leave the jalapenos cut in halfs. If you want it less spicy cut the jalapeno halves in to tinier pieces

Final Step

Add all of the ingredients together in the pan or mixing bowl.



Jason said...

I would make this but without the Jalepenos. Me and hot food aren't cool with each other.

My nose starts running and my eyes get red. Not a pretty sight, not a pretty sight at all. It looks yummy as hell though!


Cali Sunkissed and Bloomed said...

OHMYGOODNESS Jason..It goes... I hate that I introduced it to my family because they want me to make it all the damn time...it only takes about 20 minutes but yeah its definitely good...and to be honest if you made it sans the jalapenos..it would still be hella good!... Poor you tho..LOL I dont know what I would do without spicyness!

Queen of My Castle said...

I've made this without the peppers, and it's great. I can't do spicy.