Not that Lauren, Rohan, Tito, LeToya, Chico Debarge, the trashman or anyone else gives a damn about what I think or anyone elses opinion of LH, the truth is, this shyt is down right entertaining but for all of the wrong reasons.

Were talking about Lauren "gatdamn" Hill, who use to be the shyt to the world, remember; She had that thang..this aint Chaquisha from 11th street, a random hoodrat.

I remember thinking that she was soooo bold, brilliant, and she had a way about herself that would make you take notice.

Then somewhere down the line she got a hold of some good azz sticky icky, hooked up with Rohan Marley and bish just got DYCKMATIZED.  Four kids later and I would love to know...matter of fact I have got to know how you go from being the best female MC/Songstress ect alive to being the long lost baby mama ???

So then she started dibbling in and out of our lives teasing us with the notion that she might be back

..........but then she started acting all Courtney Lovi'sh (read: crackhead) on us and she left many many fans such as myself confused and dismayed.

I have never recovered from the Miscommunication of Lauren Hill... I am still hanging on to the hope that she will provide me a follow up. I lived for that album. That Album had me living right and feeling good about myself, listening to that albumn and knowing every single lyric had me saying "Yes I can" in a world of uncertainty, knowing my worth and taking no shyt from no one.

I still got love for Ms Hill but I wanna know how someone with so much promise and determination can allow herself to be the ridicule of all the world. Why do you feel the need to explain. Although I wish Rohan had married you instead of making you a baby factor, you are still good with me. I believe that Rohan is your baby daddy, afterall we can see that nicca got ultra sperm, but I wish you didnt feel like you have to explain yourself. I wish you knew your influence on the world. I would rather sing about your dramatic issues than read about them. Is that to much to ask for..... HUH!


Jason said...

I was just having a conversation about Lauryn Hill with a friend of mine recently.

For some reason no one ever brings up that she may have a mental illness. I guess nobody wants to believe that she could be bi-polar possibly. But her behavior and choices post The Mis-Education album are mad questionable.

The weird clothes,crackish behavior and lack of productivity made me think about something being off in her think box.

She is the female D'Angelo. (WTF is his problem?)And maybe we are expecting to much from her. Maybe she can't duplicate the artistry that she created with The Mis-Education record and she is haunted by it's success. I know that sounds crazy but it happens to some artists. They become shells of their former selves.

In response to my mental illness accusations my buddy said " That broad ain't crazy she's just a Gemini." Whatever that means.LOL!

Cali Sunkissed and Bloomed said...

ahahaha I dont what being a Gemini has to do with it either LMAO..Ima sagitarrius by the way *bats eyelashes

No but I have heard and I may be wrong that her Mis album was written by someone else. So all that you said sound very accurate.

And then whose to say that music is her calling...she might have been broke which is why she started to resurface, kids (a bernch) gotta eat...LOL

Queen of My Castle said...

LMAO at 'a bernch.' Jason makes some very valid points, as do you Ms. Cali S&B. In Lauren's defense, being dyckmatized is something serious. Like fa real fo sho. LOL

Cali Sunkissed and Bloomed said...

You aint neva lied Queen, Im still sick right now... They tried to make me go to rehab but I said no no no ..LOL RIP AMY *cries

Cerebrally_Orgasmic said...
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Cerebrally_Orgasmic said...

I often hold out hope that Lauryn will have that "musical breakthrough." The world of hip hop/r&b just hasn't quite been the same w/o her contribution.